EDEN BodyWorks Kids Coco Shea Berry Range - Review

February 03, 2017 0 Comments

I have been eyeing up the EDEN BodyWorks Kids range for quite some time now. I struggled finding it in the UK and was so pleased (and a little too excited) to of found My Luxe Kids stocking it.

I have two young daughters with big curly hair and I try hard to find and use healthy, natural products. This is really important to me and so I am always on the look out for Sulfate and Paraben free products. EDEN BodyWorks ticked all the boxes and is definitely an honest and trustworthy brand to commit to. I’ve read great things and have been really, REALLY looking forwards to trying it!

All their products from the line are Sulfate and Paraben free and also have Coconut oil and SHEA butter in which is everything I love in products. The Smoothing Gel has Aloe in its ingredients and the Moisture Milk has honey so you can imagine how good it smells!

Each product is Berry scented smelling so fresh and fruity. I’m not a fan of heavy smelling products. I have two rounds of curls to get through so I don’t like the scent to be too much, just pleasant enough to please my senses.

We have been using the Berry Natural Detangling Shampoo for a couple weeks now. I use shampoo once a week and this shampoo is enough to give their hair a real good clean. It’s extremely moisturising and after each wash their hair has felt super soft which is pleasantly surprising for a shampoo.

I have a small handful of shampoo’s that I like and thankfully this one can be added to that. I love detangling shampoo’s that actually detangle! Not all shampoo’s are creamy and soft enough to detangle and moisturise in the first go and I thought I would have to depend on a conditioner. It froths up lovely, so I only need to use a tiny splodge on each section.

I am applying products to their hair every day so by the end of the week both their hair needs a thorough cleanse. The shampoo cleaned out all the products from throughout the week (which is a lot!) and still left it feeling really soft and smell amazing.

Next up I have been using the Leave-in detangler. I’m looking over at it now and there is less than half left, so that’s obviously a very good sign! I spray it on after I’ve washed their hair and brush or comb it through – I like to use a brush as it helps it to seep into the hair much more and applies evenly throughout the hair.

This Detangler added so much moisture and is truly the base for the Gel or Milk. I feel like our results would have been different had we not used this. It just gave so much moisture and definition to their hair.

I used it every morning for the rest of the week, without using anything else to detangle. It helped get through the crazy morning hair but I did find both their hair drank all the moisture from it and so I did need to spray a little more than I normally would. But having said that, I do absolutely love that it gives you enough moisture and slip to tackle the tangles and knots but doesn’t completely drown the hair and overload it. In the mornings after using it, we still have body and volume which sometimes we loose with a heavy Detangler that completely saturates the hair.

To finish off our ‘wash routine’, I use the Smoothing Gel to style and define their curls. Again, there is a very small handful of Gels in our house (if any!). I’ve found they’ve all been far too heavy for either one or both of my daughter’s hair and have all left that infamous ‘crunch’ feeling.

The texture of the Gel is thick but also very deceiving. It applies with a slight hard, sticky feeling but once the hair has dried, there is tons of volume with absolutely no crunchy, hard or sticky feeling. Both my daughter’s hair dried soft, frizz free but with a lot of bounce and hold which I can’t get my head around when using a Gel but I’m not complaining!

Our morning routine would be using the Detangler followed up with the Moisture Milk. This is a great combo. The Milk is far from heavy which is wonderful for their hair. I like a light milk for daily styling and for when they have their curls out. I can easily refresh their hair every day of the week with just the Detangler and Moisture Milk.

When doing a different style, like plaits or twists then I would go for the Gel as it has a lot more hold.

After using this line alone, for around two weeks now, I have to say PLEASE do a bigger size shampoo which will last us forever and also a bigger size Detangler because we are powering through our bottle!

I’d also be very open to try their conditioner if they bring one out!

Extremely pleased with EDEN BodyWorks KIDS - it really is a wonderful, healthy brand to use on your little one’s curls.


Give it a go and try something new. Having kids with curls is all about trying out different products and experimenting. Thanks for reading :)

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